Payment Gateway Integration​

If you want to learn more payment gateway integration, you’re in the right place.

Payment Gateway Integration

Are you looking for a system that handles your payment procedure in no time? Then chose Payment Gateway Integration that lets customers make a payment without switching to another platform. Payment Gateway API lets you process transactions and accept orders through mobile applications.
On websites, while transactions take place, Payment gateway is necessary if you want to accept card payments. It authorizes electronic cards and Automated Clearing House (ACH) payments for easy and hassle-free payment processing for business.
It is like the POS terminal found in several retail establishments.

Service we provide

  • We ensure that you make payments through online transactions or electronic cards with our designed systems.
  • Our professional team is well trained and has experience with the latest technologies for integration solutions for online transactions.
  • We make sure that you get personalized solutions.
  • We integrate several payment gateways for managing top credit and debit cards across the world.
  • We help connect your banks with your websites securely.
  • We ensure customers get real-time access and immediate transaction with high conversion rates.
  • We cover all electronic transactions.


  • Enables your retailing business and online store to offer all payment methods.
  • Businesses can offer online payment facilities at any hour of the day.
  • Enables multiple currencies allowing customers to shop across the world.
  • Electronic transaction in major languages are available.
  • Transactions are made convenient with easy withdrawal and refund.
  • Businesses can boost with multi-currency payment options.


  • Our team uses advanced features and applications for payment gateways.
  • We provide all kinds of payment options that are easily adaptable.
  • We provide necessary protection and safeguard your website from fraud.
  • We ensure all security measures for secure transactions.
  • We customize the services by applying an easier method of shopping cart integration.

Transaction Types

The type of transaction which best suits your e-commerce site or a portal is chosen.


We use authorization transactions when in your business it takes some time for sending the ordered goods and you want to ensure that the customer has the due amount in their credit card before the transaction.


After you authorize the payment and send the ordered goods, then Capture transaction lets you capture the amount and it will then be transferred in your account.


When you fulfill orders immediately, then the Sale transaction type should be used. This is also suitable if you sell service membership and give users access. It checks the funds and also captures the amount before transferring into your account.


When an order is canceled for some reason, the business owner will be required to submit it for processing and refund a transaction.


When the transaction is not captured, it is a void transaction, like a refund transaction. The refund takes 3-5 working days to process, though void transactions generally get removed from customer’s account details in 24 hours.



We ensure easy accessibility for the payment system for everyone as we understand that transactions not only take place in a domestic context but also internationally.

Easy to use

We ensure that your transactions are simple, enjoyable and without a glitch.


We provide Payment systems that can achieve a high degree of interoperability with other systems by creating them in accordance with international standards and using a common infrastructure.

Objective Oriented Design

We design your payment systems so that the required objective is met in an efficient and affordable manner.

Security and Robustness

Our systems possess a high level of operational robustness and security.

Security and Reliability

We ensure security as we realize the importance of safe transactions. You can rely on us that your payment will reach the intended destination in a secure and safe manner and no information will be used in the future.

Simple Approach

New participants can join easily and inexpensively.

Risk Management

We keep in mind risk management while processing large values, and all systems have risk-management features commensurate with the level of risk generated.

Adaptability to change

In the fast pace, world payment system users and operators have evolved with time, we have a skilled team that is responsive to changing technology and adaptable to new technology.

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